The Community Panel reconvened on Saturday 20 October for Day 5.

The session began with the Panel hearing from Nillumbik Shire Council Director Business and Strategy, Adrian Cully. Mr Cully provided an overview of the administration’s feedback on the Panel’s first draft recommendations. The feedback was limited to officers seeking to clarify from the Panel the intent and desired outcomes for some of the proposed recommendations, and advice from the officers as to how recommendations could be implemented to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Panel used the administration’s feedback to review their recommendations, looking to combine or divide some where appropriate, and identify any gaps in what they will present to Council at the conclusion of their work.

The afternoon was spent with panel members working in small groups to revise and refine recommendations reflecting the morning’s discussion and deliberation.

The Panel made significant progress through the course of the day, working diligently on the task and respectful of the diverse perspectives on the Panel.

The Panel will conclude their work on Saturday 17 November ahead of presenting their report to Council at the 27 November Council meeting.